Meetings for International Recruiters

NPAworldwide provides its international recruiters diverse opportunities for leadership, interaction, and professional development.

Members of NPAworldwide, an international recruiters network, interact with each other in a variety of venues, providing many opportunities for leadership, networking, and professional development.

Global Conference. This is our largest event. Several hundred international recruiters gather for educational sessions, trading group breakouts, industry speakers, networking, and more. The conference consists of an annual meeting, where member-owners gather to elect officers and directors, vote on policy changes, and conduct other official business, in addition to the global conference designed for all member recruiters.

Global Networking Meetings. These programs are designed to facilitate networking among our international recruiters in similar geographic areas without regard to industry or occupational specialty. Meetings are reasonably priced and held in a variety of locations.

City Meetings. These informal gatherings are organized, hosted, and executed by local members to facilitate rapid sharing of job orders and candidates.

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For dates and times, contact our director of membership at +1 616 871-3327 or contact us online for more information.

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