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Joining NPAworldwide was by far the best commercial decision I made in years! I wish I had known about NPAworldwide years ago. I have been able to diversify my business and work with some of the best recruitment professionals in the world. In addition, NPAworldwide’s vendor partners have played an important role in streamlining my back office operations. —Jim Lyons, LHI Executive Search, USA


NPAworldwide has increased our bottom line by between 25-30% every year for the last 20 years. – Charlie Diana, President, Advanced Search Group, Inc., USA


I was unsure of the concept of split placements when it was introduced to Australia in 1997. Since that time, by embracing split fee recruitment, I have been able to complete assignments up to CEO level in 17 countries, and got to know clients, candidates, and recruitment partners who have become good friends.

My instructions to ALL consultants who have worked for me has ALWAYS been to share the vacancy with an NPAworldwide partner BEFORE doing any work on the assignment. Now, many years later, my business MVP Global Executive Search is truly unique in the world of recruitment with NPAworldwide being an essential element of its operation.

At present we have open assignments in North & South America, Thailand Indonesia, Canada, Abu Dhabi, Dubai, Oman, Saudi Arabia and South Africa. Clients include some of the world’s Blue Chip corporations. None of these would be truly serviceable without efficient input from NPAworldwide partners who are able to see the opportunity to work globally.

MVP Global Executive Search has been the culmination of my years of recruitment experience and is the most exciting and significant thing that I have ever done in business. —Wayne Sullivan, MVP Global Executive Search, Australia



It was around 2012 when I decided I no longer wanted to focus my recruiting efforts in IT and aerospace. I had been working in those niches for 20+ years and was ready for a change. Clients were arguing about fees in the IT area and aerospace / defense was kind of in the tank. I’ve always been in a search firm that was in NPAworldwide, remained in the network when I started my own firm in 2007, and was well versed in split placements and the various practice groups within the NPAworldwide network. The chemical process group was a growing one. There were a lot of jobs and the fees were very competitive. I knew a bit about engineering due to my aerospace / defense recruiting. I decided to focus on finding candidates for my partners’ jobs. Not only were my recruiting partners anxious for assistance and willing to educate me, I found candidates were willing to explain some of their terminology / duties and I did my own research as well so I didn’t appear like a total novice. Six years later I am still working in the chemical process niche and now I lead our practice group. I could never have done this without NPAworldwide. —Russ Bray, Southern Recruiting Solutions



We have invested in NPAworldwide membership since 1988 and have long regarded it as the best business decision and investment we’ve made as a company for these reasons:

  1. NPAworldwide membership immediately established us a national and global recruiting and search firm
  2. NPAworldwide offered instant access to legitimate work as a hedge against lulls in our direct search business
  3. Advice and counsel from the best minds in the executive search industry are available to us through our affiliate offices
  4. NPAworldwide provides access to the cutting edge trainers for a fraction of the cost of attending seminars individually

Personally, having served as a Board member and Trading Group chair for the better part of 20 years, my experience as a leader in NPAworldwide broadened my professional life and is one of the greatest accomplishments in this industry.  – Gary Eastwood, Partner, BECK/EASTWOOD Recruitment Solutions, USA


NPAworldwide has been a wonderful resource for me as I work an executive-level dual desk with Aureus Group, both recruiting candidates for jobs and securing job orders from clients. NPAworldwide expands my reach by providing more job opportunities for those candidates who are unable to relocate out of their home area. For example, if I have a candidate who reaches out to me from New York and only wants to look at opportunities in the NY area, I won’t have as many client connections in his area because Aureus Group is physically located in the Midwest. Rather than telling that candidate that I can’t help, I can let him know that I have staffing partners in his area that I will partner with to assist him in his job search. It makes me more valuable to my candidates and, as a result, I look upon NPAworldwide as a true tool and resource for my candidates.

The members I have partnered with have been a wonderful resource of education and expanding my connections to clients outside of the Midwest. I now have client reach across the entire world because of those staffing companies that I have partnered with via NPAworldwide. These valuable relationships have, and will, translate to revenue as placements are made, both in filling my open job orders and placing candidates my NPA staffing partners.

NPAworldwide is truly a worldwide family of like-minded professionals in the talent industry. I am truly blessed to be a part of this organization. —Brenda Adams, Aureus Group, USA


Before joining NPAworldwide, we were seen as a small, local recruiting firm located outside of a major city. However, once we joined, we were able to leverage our membership and serve clients outside of our local area—including regional, national, and international. Now, we have clients who just “know” we can recruit for them, regardless of location. Talk about “found money” and outstanding ROI! I highly recommend membership in NPAworldwide to any independent recruiter.  – Kimberley Chesney CPC, President, Prime Management Group, Inc., Canada


We joined NPAworldwide in 1996 in an effort to expand our business by making more placements working cooperatively with other recruiters. Since that time, NPAworldwide has not only been a tremendous direct source of revenue, it has also been:

  • Our IT advisor
  • A tremendous support network through amazing relationships built with affiliates within the network
  • A key tool to recession-proof our business by being able to work with affiliates in a number of different locations and industries (domestically and globally)
  • An excellent learning and professional growth forum through global and regional networking meetings

NPAworldwide is a key factor in both our success and our survival.  – Meri Laird Jones, Partner, Davidson-Laird & Associates, USA


Synergy People recruit globally for our Australian clients. This was made possible because of our international NPAworldwide recruitment partners. Our clients love NPAworldwide. —Robert Briffa, Synergy People, Australia


Since joining NPAworldwide, I have over 300 search firms globally as partners without the problem of managing individual offices. My network has grown substantially and I have placed AVANTI in the world-class market. We are taking advantage of the boom in the Asian economy. Our major accounts are multinational clients in the Philippines referred by NPAworldwide associates.  – Nerissa Reyes, President, Avanti Partnership, Philippines


NPAworldwide has been a valuable resource to our business in many ways. We have increased revenue and strengthened client relationships as a result of the expanded capability provided by our NPAworldwide membership. Our ability to help clients with global recruiting needs is one advantage of membership. We also enjoy many great peer relationships built through our membership. I highly recommend NPAworldwide to any independent recruiter or recruiting firm.  – Bill Benson, Partner, William Charles Executive Search, USA


NPAworldwide provides me with the support and tools needed to improve my efficiency and effectiveness. Thanks to the help of affiliates, I have been able to present better candidates, and these candidates have resulted in additional placement revenue for my business. The process of working with affiliates can be so much fun that I find myself working overtime to make a split placement!  – Michele Smythe CPC, Principal, Corporate Search


We have been able to leverage our NPAworldwide partnership to extend Rita Technology Services’ recruiting capabilities for a Florida-based client. When I approached my client, I knew their growth plans were in India, not the US. I had just one goal in mind…continue to support the client no matter what.

I contacted my NPAworldwide partner based in India via email and Skype. We discussed my client’s situation and position needs. I then connected my client to my India-based partner through email introductions. I decided to let my client and NPAworldwide partner work directly with one another in order to simplify the communication chain.

The team at Cucumber Consultants delivered effectively and more! The feedback has been stellar with regard to Cucumber’s candidate profiles, information sharing, and the overall recruiting process when compared to the current recruiting companies my client uses. As a result, we have had 2 offers in the last week, with verbal acceptances from both!

I am excited about “going global” with our new trusted trading partner, Cucumber Consulting! This experience confirms that a Tampa, Florida-based independent recruiter can compete against the large international recruiting organizations and win. Our quality and service levels utilizing talented NPAworldwide partners around the globe outperformed the branch office of a large international chain.  – John Holton, Director Client Services, Rita Technology Services, USA

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