Trading Groups

NPAworldwide Trading Groups support trading relationships between recruiters with similar industry clients, issues, and challenges.

Trading Groups are groups of member recruiters specializing in the same occupational fields. NPAworldwide introduced Trading Groups to support trading relationships between recruiters who share similar industry issues, challenges, and demands.

NPAworldwide presently has several Trading Groups to support the needs of its global recruiting network.

  • IT / Hardware / Software / Electronics – information technology administrators, analysts, developers, programmers, aerospace / defense, electronics development, optics / photonics, engineering (hardware, software, etc.), medical device
  • Accounting / Financial Services – accounting, banking, finance, financial services, insurance
  • Healthcare – medical, healthcare, C-level executives, nurses, physician assistants, physicians, therapists
  • Chemical Process – chemical, pharmaceutical, oil / gas / refinery, environmental, food, pulp and paper, engineering (process, chemical, environmental, etc.), biotechnology, alternative energy
  • Cross-Industry – The Cross-Industry trading group includes functional specialties such as sales, marketing, business development, human resources, administration, consulting, executive management, and other functions which are NOT exclusive to a particular industry.
  • Manufacturing / Mining / Construction / Supply Chain – operations, manufacturing, production, mining, construction, engineering (mechanical, electrical, design, etc.), supply chain, logistics, transportation


Take advantage of Trading Group connections.

Search for members that match your area of interest. Many firms belong to Trading Groups but also do much less specialized recruiting. Search for those firms by other keywords. Check out the Job Board now.

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