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NPAworldwide connects employers to international executive recruiters.

NPAworldwide connects you to premier global recruiting agencies located throughout Europe, Asia, Australia, Africa and the Americas. Working with a member ensures:

  • Speed. The ability to quickly fill critical roles reflects positively on you and your ability to achieve company goals. Each member agency has the support of a 500-firm network when searching for the perfect candidate..
  • Global reach. There are members on six continents, offering clients access to candidates and knowledge of local conditions anywhere in the world. It’s a local connection that gives you global reach.
  • Passive candidates. Sometimes the best candidates for a position are employed and are not on the boards. NPAworldwide firms can tap into a large pool of passive candidates cultivated by more than 500 firms and 1300 recruiters on six continents.
  • Multiple firms working together. The cooperative spirit of a member-owned network means you pay for one firm’s service but are leveraging the knowledge of the entire network.
  • A specialty focus. NPAworldwide recruiters specialize in many different industries. Employers benefit from a network of recruitment agencies who are uniquely qualified to find the best candidates in the shortest period of time for their industry-specific positions.

Connect with an international recruiting network.

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