How Healthy Is Your Workplace?

By Veronica Blatt

image of a healthy workplaceOur guest blogger is Glenn Arnold of Arnold Group Australia in Melbourne, Australia. Arnold Group Australia has been a member of NPAworldwide since 2004. Arnold Group Australia has a number of specialist divisions that provide recruitment services in safety, injury management, general insurance, broking, sales and marketing, and shared service. Glenn is currently serving on the NPAworldwide board of directors.

I recently read this article by Debra Villar for the Human Resources Director. It reminded me that despite that fact that we as recruiters are often providing advice to clients about their workforces, we do not often take our own advice. Read the rest of this entry »

6 Tips for Working Remotely

By Veronica Blatt

Today’s guest blogger is Nicholas Hutchison, our business development intern. Thanks for your help, Nick!

Over the past year and a half at NPAworldwide, I have had the opportunity to work remotely on a few occasions. It is an opportunity to learn about yourself regarding your work style. I am completing my degree this December and I think it is one of the top skills to have as companies are starting to see the benefit of allowing employees to work remotely. Read the rest of this entry »

8 Guarantee and Refund Policies

By Liz Carey

On one of our recruiting forums, a member recently asked about guarantee and refund policies that other recruiters use in contracts with clients. Fall-offs / replacements are rare, but it can definitely put a dent in the cash flow to give back those hard-earned dollars.

The most common guarantee that we see offered is a 90-day replacement or refund, but recruiters use varying procedures.

Here are other various guarantees that our members use: Read the rest of this entry »

5 ways to generate more job leads

By Liz Carey

IJPYRYHZ1CRecruiters should always be on the hunt for new job leads to fill. Even if you’re busy working on plenty of leads, it’s smart to be on the lookout for better leads, so you can dump the ones that 25 other recruiters are working on, or a client’s job order with requirements so lofty that you have no chance of filling it. New business leads are key to maximizing fill ratios and placement revenue. It’s not enough to occasionally target clients to ask if they are hiring… to generate job leads, you must speak to a lot of clients and candidates, and ask the right questions (in the right way).

Here are 5 ways to generate more job leads: Read the rest of this entry »

7 Tasks Recruitment Firm Owners Should Consider Outsourcing

By Veronica Blatt

female-entrepreneur-300Recruitment firm owners are a busy group of people. It’s tough to make time for all the various tasks that need to happen to sustain a business … and still maintain your personal production. If you’re just getting started as an entrepreneur, or have an extremely small staff, it’s critical that you save the bulk of your time for the activities that directly make money. Read the rest of this entry »

Split Story: Contract Role Placements Add Up!

By Sarah Freiburger


Temp and contract deals continue to be a source of growing revenue for many members of our split placement network. Even if your firm doesn’t have a dedicated temp division, you can still fill contract roles. While the fee may seem meager compared to a hefty fee on a permanent placement’s yearly salary, the monthly fee for a temp/contract worker adds up, and adds to your bottom line.

Clients have come to rely on recruiters to provide top quality temp/contract candidates that meet their specific needs within a specified time limit – whether due to a merger, a project, or maternity leave. If they really like your candidate, a contract role can also lead to a permanent placement in the long run.

Take for example this recent placement between two Australian firms in the NPAworldwide network – a first placement for both of them!:

After joining the network in September, a new member specializing in white collar permanent recruitment received a request from colleagues about blue collar recruitment.

Instead of giving them the names of other agencies she knew of, she jumped on the phone with a staff member at the network, who referred her to another Australian firm that specialized in blue collar recruitment. She referred this firm to her client, a high-end builder who was needing a carpenter. The firm supplied a Carpenter in an ongoing temporary role with a view to go Permanent. “Without the network I would have simply referred my contacts and not received any income for it,” she said.

Not only did the referring firm branch out into the contract space, the firm who provided the candidate had the new opportunity of supplying into the niche market of high-end home building.

Lots of recruiters rely on contract work only, and some just use it as another tool in their arsenal of recruiting weapons. With a network of recruiters in various specialties and locations, it can make it much easier to add contract placements into your mix.

Stay Close with Silver Medal Candidates

By Liz Carey

99A2842DB1When you work on a job order, you probably get a handful of really great candidates among the hundreds of resumes that come in. Ultimately, your client can only pick one to hire. But if you just dump the rest of the candidates once the job order is filled, you may be missing out. As a recruiter, you’re flooded with applications and job orders, but it’s important to make sure those once-top contenders don’t fall through the cracks. Read the rest of this entry »

Tips for Writing Better Job Ads

By Veronica Blatt

help-wantedDuring our recent Global Conference, our friends at Monster (an NPAworldwide Alliance Partner) were on hand to discuss best practices in the world of job adverts. Here are some of their top tips and best practices for writing better job ads: Read the rest of this entry »

5 Helpful Chrome Extensions for Recruiters

By Liz Carey

googleThere are dozens upon dozens of Google Chrome Extensions to assist in recruiting candidates. Extensions can help with productivity, manage and connect with candidates, market your brand, and be your own personal sleuth in finding candidate information.

Here are 5 helpful Google Chrome Extensions that can help you master the recruitment balancing act:

Read the rest of this entry »

All-Inclusive Customer Service

By Veronica Blatt

stockvault-office-phone96984-300Today’s guest blogger is Patti Steen with The Pelsten Group located in Seattle, WA. The Pelsten Group is a recruitment firm that focuses on all levels of positions within IT. The majority of their clients are in the Seattle area but they actively support NPAworldwide across the US. Patti is currently serving on the NPAworldwide Board of Directors.

Recently, I was at a resort and everyone I came in contact with lived, breathed and delivered exceptional customer service. I got to thinking about the fact that they are not only “all inclusive” with their activities, food, etc. but they are “all inclusive” with their customer service. Read the rest of this entry »

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