Run Your Desk Like a Team, Not a Business

By Veronica Blatt

Today’s blogger is Judy Collins with Evergreen Contract Resources, which becomes the employer of record  with complete back office services.  Judy helps recruiters start and expand their temporary and contract placements throughout the US. Evergreen Contract Resources is an NPAworldwide Endorsed Program.

Your Reputation…

Your reputation will make you more money in the long run than a one-time deal. Reputation is built on trust, good judgment, diligence, and attention to detail. Part of the building process is developing good long-term relationships based on these high professional standards. To build these relationships you should treat your clients like they are part of a team and they will realize that you have their best interest at heart.

Gain Your Client’s Respect…

Gain your client’s respect…and you gain their return business. Taking this long-term view and not focusing on a one-time job assignment will lead to enhanced market standing for you… and the money will follow. Don’t be afraid to refer business out to others who may be a better fit for the client’s needs. This will gain you the reputation of putting your client’s needs ahead of your own. Both your client and the person referred to you will esteem you even more. Your reputation will be enhanced in the marketplace and you will be recognized as being a true team player.

Work Towards a Common Long-Term Goal…

Businesses typically focus on week-by-week results. By viewing yourself and your client as members of the same team, you are better able to work towards a common long-term goal. Sharing common goals with your client can mean more than just money you can make today, it can mean an income stream over time. The goals should include building a better relationship between you and your client for their long-term success and not only their short-term needs. Everyone on the team wins when the team is working towards the same goal.

Referrals Are the Best Business…

Referrals are the best business. Your reputation will gain you respect in the marketplace and will motivate prospective client companies and job applicants to seek you out. You will be known by the relationships you build. Everyone wants to be part of a winning team…be known as a team player.

Summing Up…

Being a team player can help you stand out from the competition. Having your client’s best interest at heart and sharing their goals will make for a winning team!

Quoting Vince Lombardi:
“Coming together is a beginning; keeping together is progress; working together is success.”

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  1. marie carroll, 23-January-2018:

    Great article. Does anyone have a one or two liner approach for asking for candidate referrals? I usually say “my business, like yours, depends on referrals, if anyone in your network etc etc”. Would be interested in hearing other approaches which have worked well. I recruit doctors these days. Thanks.

  2. Richard Parker, 25-January-2018:

    Interesting article! Touches on some basic core truths…

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