3 Things for Recruiters to Stop Doing This Year

By Veronica Blatt

Last year around this time, I blogged about New Year resolutions for recruiters. This year, I saw an article that opined that resolutions fail so often because it’s so difficult to form new habits. Therefore, instead of making resolutions about STARTING new things, it’s equally valid (and maybe easier to achieve) to make resolutions about STOPPING things that aren’t working. That concept really resonated with me, so here are 3 things I believe you should STOP doing this year.

  1. Stop sending your candidates to a black hole of non-response. Please figure this out! I see more complaints from job seekers about this than probably any other experience they’ve had with recruiters. When candidates reply to your job, let them know you’ve received the application. It’s OK to automate this! In fact, your auto response could even include links to resources for interview preparation, or how to spruce up their resume. When they’ve had an interview, call them with feedback. If they didn’t get the job, break the news with a telephone call. Treat your candidates with the courtesy, respect, and professionalism they deserve. You never know when today’s job seeker might become tomorrow’s hiring manager.
  2. Stop chasing clients who don’t value your relationship. You know the ones I mean. Do you have a client that consistently tries to pay you less (or nothing at all)? A client that doesn’t exhibit the same level of commitment to a successful search outcome as you? A client that doesn’t see you as a long-term, strategic partner? A client who wastes your time with unclear or changing expectations? A client who often ‘forgets’ to let you know there are internal candidates already in play? Are you finding that you’re spending too much time with these clients, with nothing to show for it other than a headache? Make this the year you stop chasing them. You may find that you can be just as successful – or more – with fewer clients if you focus on those who truly understand the importance of a good recruiter relationship.
  3. Stop wasting time on activity that doesn’t generate revenue. This could be sourcing, data base clean-up, candidate update letters or other kinds of administrative tasks that need to be done, but don’t need to be done by YOU. It’s worth $10-$12 per hour to pay a college student or other service provider to handle these tasks. You’ll appreciate that the work gets done on a regular basis without the stress of undertaking it yourself. Plus, it frees up more time for you to spend on business development or other recruiting activities that have a more direct impact on your bottom line.

Have you approached resolutions with a “stop” versus “start” mentality? How has that worked for you? What other advice or resolutions would you share with recruiters? Please add a comment below!

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