Use Business Intelligence to Go Beyond Instincts for Staffing Success

By Veronica Blatt

business intelligence graphicToday’s guest blogger is Rick Fetzer, IT Consultant for People 2.0, a full-service Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) company offering a best-in-class universal worker and Employer of Record platform for global contingent workforce deployment. People 2.0 is an NPAworldwide Alliance Partner.

“Go with your gut” and “Follow your instincts” surely have value, especially in the “people business” of staffing. Yet when your company’s future is on the line, you need to complement your instincts with strategy. You require structure, processes, and comprehensive business data to make truly informed, data-driven decisions.

This is the power of Business Intelligence (BI), which Garner describes as “an umbrella term that includes the applications, infrastructure and tools, and best practices that enable access to and analysis of information to improve and optimize decisions and performance.”

Benefits of BI in Staffing

Successful staffing companies are leveraging BI to gain a deeper understanding of the effectiveness of their own company (people, systems, processes, etc.), as well as the behavior of their clients, prospects, contingent workers, the available talent pool, and more. All of this insight can empower optimal recruiting results, better service, improved sales conversion, higher sales value, increased client and market penetration, lower SUTA, lower Workers’ Compensation and other insurance costs, and much more. In total, this leads to greater efficiency, profitability, growth, and valuations.

Especially critical to your core competences, BI can be leveraged to achieve better speed, sales, and service:

  • Increase Speed and Efficiency – Gain better awareness and faster reporting to accelerate confident decision-making. You no longer need to pore over facts and figures, or sift through spreadsheets and disparate systems, to aggregate data and write reports. Decrease operating costs and overhead with access to better quality data and information.
  • Gain Insights into Client Behavior – Better understand your clients’ trends, performance, and needs, as well as why they engage with you the way they do (or don’t). This information can help you more accurately target your account development efforts to improve profitability of existing clients.
  • Identify Sales Opportunities – You may be leaving money on the table and not even know it! Uncover opportunities within your database – from aspects of sales cycle, to providing post-sales services. Where are you best positioned for growth? Expand your geographic market? Serve a new niche? Identify which efforts have been the most profitable, where your team has strengths and weaknesses, where you can find opportunities for growth, where you can tighten costs and control, and more.

Overall Impact on Company Growth

Your Business Intelligence platform will have a demonstrably positive impact on many areas of the business. BI equips you for achievements that drive your company’s success and prosperity:

  • Significantly easier to make informed decisions
  • Structured method for growing revenue
  • Increase your competitive advantage over other players in the industry, including larger businesses
  • Improve the efficiency of business operations
  • Enhance the quality of customer service
  • Eliminate the clumsy, tedious method of using spreadsheets to analyze data

Never Too Small to Get Smarter

Even small organizations can experience important benefits from BI. In fact, businesses of every size should be playing in the BI ballpark, and innovations like a cloud-computing platform make BI systems more affordable. The ability to make better decisions based on real-time data is within reach for all businesses – and perhaps even a bigger competitive advantage for smaller firms!


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  1. Stuart Read, 14-November-2017:

    The candidate data was once thought to be the most valuable data held within a recruitment CRM, the CEO would rarely log in to do anything and it was just another software cost.

    This is not the case now, full business intelligence reporting will highlight the power of the data contained within the CRM. Mobile apps that provide managers and directors the ability to see how their teams are performing and provide warning signs along the way… and so much more. The CEO will log in and see the true direction of the business, and finally be able to make strategic decisions that are based on the data, not on the gut.

    We have some game-changing things coming up here at JobAdder for this very purpose. Watch this space.

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