Want to Work Globally? Just Ask!

By Sarah Freiburger

quarterly hiring outlookIn the recruiting world, many recruiters say they only work one city, state, or region. They may have a set group of clients they work with in that area, but could be losing business without even knowing it. If you have a multinational client, or a large business you work with that is headquartered in your area but may have satellite office elsewhere, you should try to win their job requirements outside of your geography. You may not have candidates in that area, but it is quite possible you know someone, or can find someone, who does!

Recently, an NPAworldwide member in China and another member in Pennsylvania, USA, worked together to fill a JDE ERP Business Systems Analyst role in the Machinery / Heavy Equipment Industry.

“For years, I have been telling my clients that through my membership in NPA, I can help them find candidates for their positions not only throughout the U.S. but also globally,” the PA-based recruiter said. “At last, one of these companies, a longstanding client with whom I have made many placements, ‘took me up on the offer’ (his words) and asked for my help in finding a Business Systems Analyst to work in their manufacturing plant in Kunshun, China.”

She posted the position on the network’s job sharing site, and reached out to several affiliates who had made placements with the help of members in Asia for suggestions on who to contact. Within a few days, several recruiters responded.

A Chinese-based member of NPAworldwide started the search quickly, as the client was traveling to Kunshun from the US to have interviews the following week. Despite limited time, they found several qualified candidates.

“Needless to say, my client was very surprised at the quality of the candidates we submitted but also the speed with which we found them,” the PA recruiter said. “My partners deserve the credit for this and they handled not only the recruiting but also all the candidate contact including setting up phone calls and in-person interviews when my client visited Kunshun.”

The happy ending, was that the two recruiters placed an excellent local candidate with a grateful and happy client.

In any cross-border deal, it’s important to have clear and consistent communication along every step of the way. After every interview, these two recruiters would promptly exchange client and candidate feedback, to ensure the consistency and timeliness of information.

To get this job order, all the Pennsylvania recruiter had to do was tell her longstanding client that she had the ability to help them globally. She then used the power of the network to collaborate across borders.

Don’t miss out on placement fees! Ask what your clients have going on elsewhere, and let them know you can help!

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