Latin America Region – The Land of Opportunity!

By Veronica Blatt

image of latin america Today’s guest blogger is Robson Barbosa from Selpe in Brazil. Selpe provides executive search services in the areas of automotive, mining, services, retail, healthcare, transportation, and construction. Robson serves as the NPAworldwide managing director for Latin America.

With the end of the “golden decade” of high commodity prices, national economies in Latin America currently face the challenge of adapting to a new reality in order to recover economic growth.

Although the region as a whole is barely growing, there are important differences within individual countries. Brazil has experienced a severe recession in the midst of political problems, but now is recovering with a lot of economic and tax policies made by the government. Argentina has moved to integrating with the world economy. Economies that had important growth in the past five to ten years, such as Chile, Peru and Colombia, have been affected the most by the lower commodities prices, in particular for copper and oil. But the pharmaceutical industry has been increasing, specifically in Chile, Uruguay and Paraguay.

These developments present Latin America with a big opportunity for growth by closing the gap with more advanced economies. This requires appropriate economic policies. Some, such as education, will have an effect in the long run. Others, such as investment in public infrastructure, will impact the short- to medium-term timeframe. The important decision is to act now.

The Executive Secretary of the Economic Commission for Latin America and the Caribbean (ECLAC), Alicia Bárcena, said that the current economic scenario presents the opportunity to strengthen regional integration, and stressed that this should be promoted beyond trade. The current global economic and political context has strong tensions and uncertainties and therefore it is not possible to continue doing things in the same way.

The development of technological and digital platforms foster diversification, productivity growth and leverage the fourth industrial revolution with greater scale – connection, access and dissemination of content.

There is a need to boost the momentum of public-private investment to regain short- and long-term growth and to address the risks and growing uncertainties of the international scenario.

As talent headhunters and recruiters, we have to keep foremost in mind the national need for productivity and innovation when seeking new talent. People with an inclination to take risks, innovate and make a change are the target. They will help to make the difference at the micro level that will sustain the productivity gains necessary to put Latin America back into a high growth mode without dependence upon commodities.

In this context, NPAworldwide aims to serve global and regional markets through the presence of local members such as Overall in Peru, Grupo Selpe in Brazil, Ghidini Rodil in Argentina, Advice in Uruguay, SKC Consulting in Chile, Jazmin Mendoza Consulting in Paraguay, Selecta in Ecuador, Barbachano International and Alrova Services in Mexico, and Executive Colombia with operations in all of Latin America. The main industries that we support are mining, manufacturing, IT, services, retail, banking and finance. All of them are strong companies with high quality of services and clients looking for good partnerships around the world.

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  1. Nerissa S Reyes, 16-May-2017:

    Appreciate the overview of the economic situation in Latin American Region. It opens up a whole new world of cross-border opportunities for NPAworldwide associates , clients & candidates.

  2. Good update on the LATAM’s current situation and what the recruiting focus should be.

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