Take the Next Step … Into Contract Staffing!

By Veronica Blatt

Judy-Collins-2017-300Today’s blogger is Judy Collins with Evergreen Contract Resources, which becomes the employer of record  with complete back office services.  Judy helps recruiters start and expand their temporary and contract placements throughout the US. Evergreen Contract Resources is an NPAworldwide Endorsed Program.

The market place for contract staffing has changed dramatically in the last year. Most direct-hire, retained search or contingency recruiters are now being asked to fill contract positions. Ask your clients if this is an opportunity they would like to take advantage of. Broaden your services to include contract positions and don’t limit yourself to direct-hire only.

The face of a contract employee has changed. No longer are these employees limited to clerical positions for short-term assignments; they now include professional occupations such as IT, engineering, accounting and finance, among others. Companies are interested in contract employees to start and grow divisions within new and existing markets. 2016 was a year of change in the employment market and was characterized by many mergers and acquisitions. 2017 is showing all signs of being a banner year for growth and expansion. Contract employees can help companies take advantage of this market opportunity while minimizing the risks of hiring. You can help your clients take this next step by offering them the option of contract employees in lieu of direct-hire employment.

The new face of the contract employee can include people who have been out of the market and are now looking for contract employment. Many of these individuals are seasoned professionals in their industry and are not looking for full-time employment with benefits. They are interested in contract employment which offers the flexibility of managing their own time. These candidates can be those who have previously accepted severance packages and are now interested in returning to the workplace to help with special projects. They offer the advantages of proven skill sets, knowledge of their industry and can be immediately productive. By offering these candidates on a contract basis, the recruiter enables the client to realize the benefits of the contractor without assuming the risks and costs of rehiring on a permanent basis.

Be able to move quickly. These opportunities may include one person for one assignment, one person for a long-term project or multiple people for a short-term application. Make sure your back-office provider can handle all of these options. Become a valued partner, not just a vendor by addressing all of your client’s staffing needs. TAKE THE NEXT STEP…INTO CONTRACT STAFFING!

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