Think Bigger – Recruit Internationally

By Liz Carey

HH2ZMUI6PODon’t let a state or country border stop you from taking a job order — it’s only a line on a map. If you’ve been telling clients and candidates you only work in one state, or even just one city, think bigger. You might be able to make more money by taking on job orders for your clients’ locations/offices in different countries, and using a recruitment network to help cast a wider net to recruit internationally.

More and more, we are seeing cross-border placements (members of our recruitment network in two different countries doing a split). Last year, 21.7% of our networks’ placements were between members in two different countries.

For example, a Vancouver-based recruiting firm specializing in sales & marketing and engineering & operations has completed numerous international placements for the same client.

The client, a leading pulp and paper trading company headquartered in Germany, initially contacted this firm in 2015 to help with a unique position, sourcing a pulp trader to move from Belgium to Hong Kong – a role they filled with the help of a network member based in Hong Kong. Following that success, the firm had the opportunity to meet with the client in-person at an international pulp and paper event in Vancouver, where they heard about the success of their placement.

That client has since commissioned the firm to help with several hard-to-fill positions, including two this month. To recruit internationally, the firm sought on-the-ground support in Eastern or Central Europe, and partnered with a network member in Vienna for this position, which was for a commodity trader who is experienced in these exact geographic markets.  The other role was a lumber trader who moved himself, his wife, and two dogs all the way from Montreal, Canada, to Germany to work with this same client.

This recruiter said candidates will ask them all the time “how did a Canadian-based recruiting firm come to work with a German-based global pulp dealer?” She said the answer is simple – “Hard work and we are members of NPA, a network that allows us to work with recruiters all over the planet.”

Even if you only work one specific niche or geography, being part of a worldwide network can allow you to expand your business pretty easily. Go to your existing clients and ask for international business. Working with a partner in another country, you’ll have to share the fee on a split… but that’s much better than not getting the assignment at all! As part of a network, you can be as big or as small as you want to be.

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