5 Helpful Chrome Extensions for Recruiters

By Liz Carey

googleThere are dozens upon dozens of Google Chrome Extensions to assist in recruiting candidates. Extensions can help with productivity, manage and connect with candidates, market your brand, and be your own personal sleuth in finding candidate information.

Here are 5 helpful Google Chrome Extensions that can help you master the recruitment balancing act:

Allows you to find emails and phone numbers directly from a candidate’s LinkedIn page, unlike search engine results for a phone number which usually route you to a “fee” link to get the information you desire. With NetIn, you can view all of someone’s social media profiles in one place, and it helps discover passive candidates potentially looking for a new job. Advance filters allow you to search by school, experience, and whether there is an email or phone number listed. The basic package runs $200 per month; the professional package is $500/month.

Similarly, Prophet allows you to learn more about a candidate from their social media profile. The extension discovers other ways for you to connect with the candidate, such as social media profiles, blogs, email addresses and phone numbers. This extension has a great rating of 4.4 on the Chrome Web Store.

In Gmail, when you receive an email from someone or write to someone, the social media accounts (LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook and Google+) connected to that email will come up in the Rapportive screen. It shows you who they are, where they are, and what they do.

Signals by HubSpot
This is an email tracking tool that shows you who is opening your emails, when, where, and how many times. The free edition allows users to see who has read the e-mails they send from Outlook and Gmail. The team edition ($10/month per user) allows integration with HubSpot and notifies you when a lead revisits your website. The team edition also integrates with Salesforce, notifying salespeople of new leads while allowing them to track emails they send out of Salesforce.

This helps drive traffic and increase engagement by scheduling your social media postings at the most effective times, based on success rates of your past Tweets and social analysis.

As we know, the recruitment world is busy, busy, busy, and these are just a few tools that can help make the process easier. What extensions have you found success with?

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  1. Andrew, 25-May-2017:

    SignalHire – Get emails & phone numbers, social profiles from anywhere on the web, add candidates to the jobs in a single click. More information – https://www.signalhire.com

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