Split Placement Story: Teamwork is an option for Recruiters

By Sarah Freiburger

Z3VPU4IDKE-300A story from NPAworldwide’s engagement coordinator, Kelsea Bischoff.

Teamwork, according to the dictionary, “is the combined action of a group of people, especially when effective and efficient.” Many times working together is much more efficient from a time and effort perspective than working alone. For contingent recruiters, the goal is to make placements.  Close calls do not pay well!  The more deals you make the better for you, your clients and your candidates.  If done right everyone wins.  So, why not add a teamwork option to the recruiter tool box you work from?  Maybe it will result in a few more wins for your clients and candidates.

A member recently shared with me a successful placement story that was a result of work with an international partner.  A Midwest-based firm and a recruiter half a world away in Sydney, Australia worked as a team to complete a difficult split placement. The position opening was in Texas, so teamwork with a recruiter in Sydney was far from standard practice.  The Sydney-based partner invested appropriate time work with the Midwestern firm to understand completely what the client needed and expected.  When their placement expectations call was complete, the Sydney teammate knew, “all of the selling points for the role and company.”  Within just a week the Sydney recruiter had several quality candidate options ready to present.  He brought to the table candidates that were well qualified options and ready to be presented to the client. An offer followed within a few weeks.  Their cooperative approach had delivered an offer and the acceptance soon followed.

While speaking with our Midwestern member about this split placement, he was clear that this successful placement was by no means a “slam dunk.”. But the combination of effort by both recruiters was an example of teamwork creating a result that either partner could not have delivered separately. He said, “This was a good example of recruiters working together throughout the entire process.” It was a seamless partnership that produced a great result for the client.

According to the partner with the position opening, “Membership in a recruiting network offers me the ability to work with successful recruiters all over the world.  It creates options for teamwork and support that makes me better at what I do.  Individually we have limitations, but with a strong network I can deliver greater results.”

Is it time to add new tools to your recruiter tool box?

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