3 Myths: Technology and Independent Recruiters

By Terri Piersma

Speculation abounds as to whether using technology to hire candidates will replace third-party recruiters. While technology has certainly changed candidate recruitment, I do not believe it can replace independent recruiters.

Mike Ramer, Ramer Search Consultants, addresses this issue in his blog post entitled “7 Myths of Recruiting with Technology.” I encourage you to read his entire post if you are interested in this topic.

For the purposes of this post, I will comment on three of the myths Mike mentions:

  • Myth:  Technology can be used to identify talent.
  • Myth:  Technology can qualify a candidate.
  • Myth:  The Internet and technology can bring aboard the selected candidate.

While working with independent recruiters may not be appropriate for all open positions, they definitely assist employers fill positions they either do not have time to fill or are those “difficult to fill” positions. The Internet can identify job seekers; many job seekers, in fact, who may or may not be qualified for the open position. However, an independent recruiter will qualify the candidates and weed out the ones who are not a fit for the company and/or the position.

Qualifying a candidate is a key phase of the recruitment process. Technology is not a substitute for having a conversation with a candidate; either on the telephone, via Skype, or in-person. Until artificial intelligence is used in recruitment, interaction between two human beings is the best way to communicate and qualify. Independent recruiters listen to the candidate and respond to what is said and what is not said. Technology cannot do this.

Lastly, I believe there is no substitute for an independent recruiter when it comes to ensuring the candidate who receives the job offer, accepts the offer. Mike Ramer summarized it well, “The main reason technology will not replace recruiters is that it cannot have conversations, listen and respond. Even digital conversations, through email, text or social media, do not have the essential emotional elements (voice, eye contact, chemistry) to guide people through the hiring process.”

Do you agree that recruiting with technology will not replace independent recruiters?


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