When Placements Fall Through – Ask More Questions!

By Terri Piersma

In today’s world, business keeps moving faster and faster. Staying current with technology is a challenge in and of itself. So, who has time to analyze the past?

Kimberley Chesney, Chair of NPA’s Board of Directors, believes reviewing placements that fall through would benefit independent recruiters. In a recent communication to the recruiters in our global recruiting network, Kimberley shared “when you go back to the start of the placement (way back to when you received the job order) and take it all apart, you find things that could have been done better.”

When a placement falls through, three areas to consider analyzing include the following:

1.         Client
Did you ask the client tough questions from the moment you received the job order as well as throughout the placement process? Or, because you have worked with that client before, did you make assumptions that this situation was just like the prior ones? For example, Kimberley suggested asking your client “what has changed since we first started talking about this position . . . in the department, in the company, with your business?”

2.         Candidate
Again, did you ask the candidate tough questions throughout the placement process?  Kimberley suggested asking the candidate – “If we get to an offer stage with my client, what does that offer have to look like – salary, bonus, vacation, start date, non-competes, relocation, etc.?” Being surprised by a candidate may mean you didn’t ask enough tough questions of that candidate.

3.         Overview
Step back and consider what happened from beginning to end. Were you distracted with other business and excluded steps you typically include?  Were there any red flags you chose to ignore?  Did you assume everything would fall into place and, therefore, didn’t “close” the client and candidate throughout the process to uncover any red flags?

As an independent recruiter, what questions do you ask yourself when you review an unsuccessful  placement? What additional questions will you ask your client and candidate the next time?

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