5 Reasons Recruiters Send More Than 3-4 Candidates to Hiring Managers

By Terri Piersma

See No EvilToday, I read a post by Lou Adler on ere.net called Stop Doing Searches Over and Make Twice as Many Placements. In the post, Lou describes the situation where independent recruiters find themselves doing searches over again. He believes this is a problem and if it can be solved, hiring managers would need to see no more than 3-4 candidates per job opening.

The post continues by proposing that the situation of doing searches over most likely results from one or more of the following problems:

  1. The recruiter or the hiring manager doesn’t understand real job needs.
  2. The recruiter isn’t very good at screening candidates.
  3. Good candidates opt out for one reason or another.
  4. The hiring manager isn’t too good at assessing competency.
  5. The hiring manager is afraid to make a mistake.

So, what does an independent recruiter do after the problems are identified? I found it interesting that Lou Adler suggested an action that involved both the recruiter and the hiring manager – an online workshop. The workshop is called Hiring Manager and Recruiter Partnership Online Workshop and is actually a two-part workshop. The first online session will be held July 24. The second one will be held July 31.

I recommend you consider at least reading Lou Adler’s post, Stop Doing Searches Over and Make Twice as Many Placements. If you, as an independent recruiter, are able to convince a hiring manager of the severity of the “doing searches over” problem regardless of the cause or causes of the problem, then you have successfully influenced the hiring manager. However, I don’t see this happening if your relationship isn’t viewed as a partnership with a common goal.

Is there a hiring manager with whom you would like to share this post?


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