3 Key Differences Between NPAworldwide and BountyJobs

By Sarah Freiburger

As the Director of Membership for NPAworldwide, I occasionally am asked by independent recruiters how our network is different and better than BountyJobs. In my opinion, neither one is necessarily better than the other as they are so very different. As an independent recruiter, deciding which to join will depend on how you like to work.

The following is a brief summary of the key differences between NPAworldwide and BountyJobs:

1.    Organization Structure
NPAworldwide is a member-owned and -run network of independently-owned recruiting firms that work together to make split placements. The network began in 1956 and has grown into a network of more than 400 firms located throughout the world.

Owners of NPAworldwide firms set the strategic direction of the network. The network is led by a Board of Directors of owners of member firms and has a selective membership process. At the end of the year, profits are re-invested in the network to continue and improve services to our members.

Membership gives independent recruiters and small firms a way to compete in a global marketplace without sacrificing the unique qualities that distinguish them from larger competitors. Members rely on our split placement network to build relationships that result in more effective and efficient service to clients and candidates in their own market. Those relationships translate into enhanced revenue-generating opportunities and increased financial stability. In the process, members also add value to their businesses through improved speed, reach, and capacity.

BountyJobs is a privately-owned company so I do not know how profits are spent or distributed. In 2011, BountyJobs was impressively ranked No. 389 on Inc. magazine’s annual Inc. 500. The press release announcing this ranking states that “BountyJobs is the preferred contingent search solution for more than one-third of the Fortune 500 . . .”   The organization appears to be a good solution for large employers managing a high volume of open positions resulting in the need for them to manage relationships with many recruiters.

2.    Work Style
Success in NPAworldwide is a result of the relationships built between recruiters. The quickest way to build trust with potential trading partners is to meet face-to-face at one of our conferences. Of course, if that is not possible, recruiters develop relationships through telephone, Skype, and/or email conversations.

In BountyJobs, independent recruiters only work with employers and have limited opportunities to build a relationship with an employer until much later in the hiring process.

3.    Control
In NPAworldwide, recruiters post jobs and candidates in our private, web-based sharing tool called SplitZone.  Recruiters may work on any job, anywhere in the world. We also have a private Job Board where only NPAworldwide recruiters can post their jobs. Members can post their jobs for free on our Job Board and only pay if they place a Job Board candidate in a job. With NPAworldwide, an individual recruiter is in control of how they work with their trading partners as long as they abide by the Bylaws and operating procedures.

BountyJobs is a one-way street. Employers post jobs through BountyJobs. Then after viewing posted jobs, recruiters may contact employers and request that they be given permission to send candidates to the employers. A recruiter cannot speak with an employer unless the employer authorizes the recruiter to send candidates. After the permission is granted, the recruiter is able to view the full contact information of the employer. Wiith BountyJobs, the employer is definitely in control.

Additionally, NPAworldwide recruiters control the type of guarantee they offer employers. With BountyJobs, recruiters have no control. All recruiters are required to provide a 60-day money back guarantee; no exceptions.

In conclusion, which option is better for independent recruiters to join – NPAworldwide or BountyJobs?  It  depends! NPAworldwide is a relationship-based network facilitating split placements among its members. If you prefer to not build relationships with your trading partners, then you should consider BountyJobs.  Or, if you are undecided, you may want to consider joining both and experiencing them each firsthand.

If you do consider joining BountyJobs as an independent recruiter, I suggest you take some time to understand how candidate ownership is addressed. Specifically, who owns the candidate six months after a recruiter submits the candidate to an employer.

As an independent recruiter, which option do you prefer?


  1. Rick Corey, 25-May-2012:

    Excellent points! And one other key difference is the friendships you develop in NPA… I’ve met some great people at the NPA meetings/conferences and developed lasting friendships, making it even more satisfying to do split business in NPA.

  2. Terri Piersma, 25-May-2012:

    Thanks for your comment, Rick. It definitely is more fun to work with people with whom you have developed friendships.

  3. Julie Parsons, 30-May-2012:

    Excellent info Terri, Bounty jobs is not known in our region, Aus/NZ. Personally, I feel we gain so much more than a split job network. The sheer amount of valuable business info shared within our region is priceless.

  4. Rocklin Behringer, 14-November-2014:

    Bounty Jobs is a rip off charging the search firm 25% of the fee- this gets them a lot of desparate agencies. They refer to hiring manager which is always an HR person who doesn’t know critical success factors, chemistry, management style of the direct report.They are for agency mentality people not real proactive recruiters…I did one BJ position- 78 resumes submitted and my guys finished 1 and 3- I sent three resumes $190K job BJ may be good for multiple staff positions but when you are looking for an executive level ‘A’ player this is simply not the way to go. One other time I waited 3 weeks for a resume response- guy finally got back to me- I’m working on 22 positions-sorry

  5. jim cobon, 31-August-2015:

    I am an independent recruiter but have hired additional recruiters to improve my reach and I am currently working with BJ who refused to grant the additional recruiters access now I need a new plan. When you speak of split placements are you speaking of recruiters from different organizations working together and what would the split be if I found a candidate that was hired. who is paid? the original listing recruiter or the recruiter who made the placement

  6. Veronica Scrimshaw, 31-August-2015:

    Hi, Jim. The way we define splits is that 2 recruiters work together (one with the job, one with the candidate) on the placement and share the resulting commission. We collect 5% brokerage off the top (submitted by the partner with the client), and the remaining 95% of the commission is shared equally between the 2 recruiters (47.5% each). Does that help?

  7. carl lewis, 20-September-2017:

    Can SW get jobs from NPA and SnowWalker do the recruiting?

  8. Veronica Blatt, 20-September-2017:

    Hi Carl, NPAworldwide members share candidates and jobs on a split-fee basis. You can learn more about membership here: http://npaworldwide.com/wp-content/uploads/2017/02/NPAworldwide-Membership-2017.pdf

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